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$ 3,750,000

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$ 18,394

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About The Smarter Merchant

The Smarter Merchant is a leading technology and data driven platform for short term funding to small and medium sized merchants seeking cash flow to meet operational and working capital needs. By combining better technology, data and analytics, TSM’s technology platform unifies the full lifecycle of each merchant funding from sourcing, to underwriting to servicing. This proprietary platform coalesces the management team’s deep expertise proven through several credit cycles, seven years of operational experience and infrastructural developments, alongside cutting-edge data science drawn widely from non-traditional data sources and leading capital markets technology platforms. These factors combined have enabled TSM’s portfolio to grow rapidly while optimizing returns.

Founded in 2013, The Smarter Merchant has originated $40MM in the last 18 months alone, with sustained growth expected in 2021 and beyond.


Founded: 2013

Sector: SMB Financing

HQ: New York, NY

Key People: Aaron Cohen (CEO)


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